The quest to fast and effective weight loss has been frustrating in the industry to say the least. Not one single solution has really been dubbed as the one true way to lose weight. Sure, exercise does help to burn fat, and diet also helps in reducing the pounds. But they take time and effective weight loss is not always guaranteed.

What if there was a solution that would boost the effects of diet and exercise? What if one single pill could elevate your diet and exercise plans?

The answer is Forskolin extract – dubbed as “rapid belly melt” and “lightning in a bottle” by the very popular Dr. Oz, the supplement is slowly but surely gaining ground as the top natural solution to get rid of excess weight.


What is Forskolin Extract?

Forskolin extract is a dietary supplement made of 100% natural ingredients typically marketed as a weight loss solution. They come in pill form and you take it with water on a daily basis.

A supplement must contain at least 10% pure Forskolin extract to be considered effective, and it must contain only natural ingredients to make it safe to use with little to zero side effects.

To make sure you get a high quality product, you have to choose Forskolin products that are made in the USA, with its manufacturing facilities having been approved safe and clean by the FDA.

Forksolin supplements do not need to be regulated by the FDA as these are not considered as drugs. Instead, they are considered to be food items. So no need to worry if a product does not state that it’s FDA approved, as long as they have a medical disclaimer stating that the product is not to be made as a substitute for actual medicine and that it doesn’t claim to treat any type of disease or disorder.

Where Does it Come From?

forskolin plantForskolin extract comes from the roots of the plant called Coleus Forskohlii. This plant is typically found on the slopes of mountains and hills in Nepal and India. In fact, Forskolin is an Ayurvedic medicine, which is a form of medical system that originated in India some 2000 years ago.

Forskolin is actually a common ingredient used in many pharmaceutical drugs. Aside from the weight loss effects it’s most famous for, it is highly regarded for its role in blood pressure medicine.

Forskolin promotes the following benefits to the body:

>treats allergies such as eczema
>helps in respiratory problems such as asthma
>helps to lower blood pressure
>reduces symptoms of UTI
>reduces pain of menstrual periods
>improves insomnia
>reduces convulsions
>when applied to the eyes, helps to alleviate glaucoma

These benefits are gotten through medications that contain Forskolin and other ingredients. Some medicines are taken orally while others are applied on affected areas, and others are gotten through an IV.

Forskolin actually works on the heart muscles, creating a stronger heartbeat and widens the blood vessels, resulting to a lower blood pressure. When you exercise, Forskolin will help to improve your endurance and stamina, allowing you to spend more time at the gym, improving your chances of developing more lean muscle mass in a shorter time span.

Benefits of Forskolin to Weight Loss

When using the supplement, expect to enjoy the following:

>Faster fat burning
>Faster metabolism
>Faster increase of lean muscle mass
>Faster weight loss
>Little to zero side effects


Warnings and Precautions

While Forskolin is a generally safe supplement to use, the following needs to be considered before you start taking it:

>Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women
>Not recommended for anyone who has bleeding disorders
>Not recommended for anyone who is expecting to have surgery, as Forskolin can increase bleeding
>Not recommended for anyone taking medication for the heart as it can interfere with heart medications
>Not recommended for anyone that has low blood pressure
>Not recommended for anyone below the age of 18

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